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Cross Intelligence Analysis, L.L.C is a highly distinguished consulting firm that has made a name for itself by offering industry-leading consulting services with special emphasis on IBM Cognos Analytics and Ultimate Software UltiPro Business Intelligence. We believe in delivering industry-focused client success through technical and functional consulting. When it comes to leveraging the investment in UltiPro and Cognos, we have successfully helped both large and mid-sized businesses.

We comprehend that the technology arena is always changing and it can get difficult for businesses to take full advantage of their systems. That’s why we offer our services to businesses to ensure they are leveraging the most of their UltiPro Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos Analytics investments. We are the expert in report development and training in Business Intelligence for HR, Payroll, Benefits, Recruitment, Recruiting, OnBoarding, UltiPro Performance Management (UPM), UltiPro Time and Attendance (UTA), UltiPro Time Management (UTM), and UltiPro Workforce Management (WFM).

With years of experience with IBM Cognos Analytics and Ultimate Software Ultipro Business Intelligence application, we provide the right solutions to our esteemed clients. Needless to say, our extensive experience with IBM Cognos Analytics and UltiPro Business Intelligence enables and empowers us to bring a unique level of knowledge to each project and find solutions to the most challenging problems.

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This is Awesome! Thank you very much Nicoleen not only for super helpful documentation but for your patience and all the effort you put in for me to get it. The confidence and encouragement I got after your training go deeper than just being able to create reports.
Our organization hired Cross Intelligence Analysis to create some BI Reports from Ultimate Software when we felt our internal skills were limited. Working with them to define our dataset and watching the creation of our reports was actually a pleasure. Nicoleen has extensive experience in understanding the data, packages, expressions, joins and output options while providing to us reports both under budget and on-time.